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Long Gallery on Tour… Urban Coffee Company Harborne

This exhibition features a selection of black and white photographs from our recent exhibition by James Rock that show us a visual narrative of Almagro, a small country town in La Mancha, Spain and inspired by the literary works of Miguel De Cervantes and Federico Garcia Lorca, and the music of Miles Davis.

James wrote the following introduction whilst on-route to Almagro: –

“We are flying over Spain at 30,000 feet. I look below at the vast landscape. It is July and the land glows in the mid-summer heat. It lies there bleached, parched, dry and arid. We are on our way to La Mancha and I wonder what to expect? This is the territory of Cervantes and Don Quixote’, with its rural landscapes and many windmills. It is also the land that Lorca wrote about in his first book ‘Impresiones y paisajes’ with its vivid descriptions of distant sierras, golden hills, medieval towns, fortress-like monastries and churches, decaying buildings, and small taverns filled with poverty stricken peasants. A land full of open fields where Lorca said ‘reapers scythes bring death to fields of corn where poppy flowers set out their ancient cloth’. I sit back expectantly, closing my eyes, imagining, and wondering what my own travels there will find?”

photo copyright James Rock, 2013

Exhibition: 15 December 2013 – 5 January 2014

Urban Coffee Website: http://www.urbancoffee.co.uk/emporiums/harborne/

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