13 October 2013 – exhibition comments

Thank you to all those visitors who gave us feedback in the visitors book, here are  just a few of the comments we got from our recent two exhibitions:

“wonderful pieces in a wonderful space…”

“Outstanding photo’s – thank you…”

“Brilliant space and lovely work! A great addition to the area – looking forward to many more shows.. Thank You.”

“What a surprise venue and great photos…”

“Thought provoking and inspirational work that deserves to be seen by a wider audience…”

“The building is a perfect setting…”

“Absolutely amazing. I am truly inspired. The level of talent and skill make me wish I was as capable. I will definitely return to see these artists again. Brilliant!”

“Brilliant space, Moseley’s best kept secret. Great show!”


01 October 2013 – exhibition photos “Sculpted; Salvaged; Upcycled”

We have a great group show from Keith Gilbert; Lyn Tyler; and Neil Cooper on until 5th October. Here is a collection of images from the exhibition – all images copyright James Rock, 2013 :-


29 September 2013 – exhibition opening Sculpted; Salvaged; Upcycled”

Our new show was well attended by a mixture of existing collectors of the three artists and many new collectors interested in finding out about them. The exhibition space and curation seemed to draw lots of compliments and interest for both this and future exhibitions. Here are some photos of the opening evening – all images copyright James Rock, 2013 :-

SSU_08 SSU_07 SSU_06 SSU_05 SSU_04 SSU_03 SSU_02 SSU_01SSU_10 SSU_09


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